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Month: July 2015

Show Racism The Red Card Nordic network website

Show Racism The Red Card is uniting Nordic countries. Nordic network has launched a website where you can read the latest international news and find links to the Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish “SRTRC” websites.

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“Show Racism The Red Card” represented in the “We have a dream” demonstration in Helsinki

Fimu, Football players union, Yökoris and 09 Helsinki Human Rights took part to the “We have a dream” demonstration in Helsingin Kansalaistori. More than 15 ooo people gathered together to the demonstration which was organized to oppose the writings of a member of the Finns Party.

By playing football, basketball and dancing  the participants wanted to “Show Racism The Red Card” and support the cause of open and multicultural Finland.

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Yökoris, Call out battles and Show racism the red card @ Helsingin Kansalaistori

During summer Thursdays you can play basketball, dance and take a stand for equal opportunities. Welcome to Kansalaistori in Helsinki city center.

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