Show Racism the Red Card – Finland – Seminar, 2014

The Finnish Multicultural Sports Federations ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ organised a seminar on the role of education and Sport in combating racism and had a fantastic turnout. The Minister of Culture and Sport State Secretary, Mr Jarmo Linden made the opening speech and emphasised the importance of education and sport in supporting the message against racism.

There were many fantastic presentation ranging from sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey and athletics. It was also nice to hear how the Nordic countries plan to develop Show Racism the Red Card in their plans in future cooperation. Finally, we ended the day off with representatives of two key international schools (Helsinki international school and Turku international school) and show racism the red card from Ireland who shared their experiences to help form open-ended discussions. Now let’s move to the next level and put these fantastic ideas into action!!! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

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News 2014

Fimu‘s ‘Show Racism the Red card’ campaign is excited to announce its guest speakers for the seminar ‘The Role of Education and Sport in Combating Racism’ 20.3.2014
The idea is create an open-learning environment so that people can share ideas and learn from each other

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Espoo Blues become the first ice hockey club in Finland to introduce ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. A fantastic display with all of those involved!