Seminar 2: Helsinki 2005


Helsinki 27-28 June 2005 Show racism the red card! – Networking and exchange of experience

Nordic Seminar II hosted by FiMu in Helsinki
Nordic Seminar II hosted by FiMu in Helsinki

Monday June 27th

Nordic cooperaton so far (Henrik):

Since last seminar in Copenhagen we have been told that the Nordic council of Ministers do not have funds for our work except the ETNORDEN program where youth groups can get funding to arrange seminars. However, FARE hope to set aside some of the Nike wristbands money to support the Nordic campaigns, but we do not know how much this could be as of yet.


The web site of the Nordic cooperation is up and running, mainly presenting the contacts of each national initiative. Each campaign can get access to this site by contacting SRTRC Norway.

The Swedish and Danish campaigns got a set of their own big red cards (from the FARE budget) and will be posted a box of 1000 cards each.

Situation in Finland (Mourad, Haider and Markus): Continue reading “Seminar 2: Helsinki 2005”